High PKE Standards

High standards for RD1 Nutrition PKE

RD1 Nutrition's commitment to New Zealand farmers is to ensure only the highest quality product is sourced, product is competitively priced, continuity of supply* is achieved and that it's all delivered with great service.

One partner

Every shipment of RD1 Nutrition Palm Kernel Expeller (PKE) comes from one partner. And that's unique to the RD1 supply chain. RD1 Nutrition partnered with the world's biggest palm oil producer, Wilmar International. Wilmar follows industry best practice in responsible sourcing and is a leading member of the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil.

RD1 only imports PKE from Wilmar plants, giving us traceability of the product, from the processing plant to your farm. We carefully manage relationships with our supplier, our shipping company and our distribution network - providing you with consistently good quality product.

Biosecurity standards

Every shipment of RD1 Nutrition PKE meets Biosecurity New Zealand standards.

We source our PKE from Wilmar processing plants, located in gated industrial complexes beside export ports. These plants are ISO9002 certified and approved for export by the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service.

The product is crushed in mechanical presses at a temperature of over 85C, then conveyed in enclosed conveyers directly to purpose-built, enclosed storage sheds where it is hammer-milled and stored ready for shipment.

As a further precaution, RD1 Nutrition PKE is fumigated at origin, then thoroughly inspected and sampled on discharge in New Zealand; ensuring it is free from contaminants and meets strict quality standards.

Safe and nutritious

PKE is a safe and nutritious solution for increasing total dry matter intake.

RD1 Nutrition PKE is a sustainable, non-GMO, safe and non-acid producing foodstuff. A by-product of the palm oil industry, PKE contains 8-11% oil, 16-18% crude protein and 10.5-12.5MJME/kgDM (energy).

It is an excellent source of oil and rumen fermentable fibre which can improve milk fat content. And a good source of minerals; namely phosphorous, copper, zinc and manganese.

We're not saying it's a total feed solution but PKE has proven benefits as a supplement for most classes of livestock. And we deliver quality feed, every time.

Great service

Quality feed and great service, every time.

At RD1 Nutrition we understand the dairy business and we make it our business to exceed your expectations.

We carefully manage relationships with our supplier, our shipping company and our distribution network. So not only do we have traceability of our product from the processing plant to the farm gate, we know every link in our supply chain.

And you can expect quality feed, delivered on farm when you need it.

At RD1 Nutrition, we lead by example.

*RD1 will supply all contracted tonnage. Spot tonnage is dependent on availability.